Engineering Design For Your R&D Projects

Our in-house engineering design capabilities enable us to design your next R&D project, from concept through to completion.

Using SolidWorks©, we cut design time by ensuring everything fits together as it’s supposed to, before we start cutting steel.

A SolidWorks assembly designed by the engineering team at GSI. R&D Projects.
A SolidWorks assembly designed by the engineering team at GSI.

Our engineers work closely with our experienced tradesmen. Together they figure out the most efficient ways to manufacture specialised parts. So the entire process is efficient and streamlined as it passes through our workshop.

This means lower costs for you.

And since we work in many different industry sectors, we’re exposed to a huge variety of machine designs and innovative ideas. So we’re able to incorporate that knowledge into our designs. This means the best solution to your problem.


We have the experience to handle most types of R&D projects, from those vague “we want a machine that fits in between this and that and does this” through to fully scoped projects.

We understand the need to be flexible during R&D projects. So we work closely with you, to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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