A Complete Range Of Engineering Services In Our Workshop

Precision machining, fabrication, machinery repairs and rebuilds. All performed under one roof in our Ingleburn workshop.

We provide a complete engineering service for your business.

So what exactly are our workshop capabilities? We’ll take you on a quick “tour” of our workshop.

Precision Machining

Our machine shop contains all the equipment needed to produce high quality parts to your exacting tolerances. For example:

  • Turret mills,
  • Lathes,
  • Huron universal milling machine,
  • Slotter,
  • Surface and cylindrical grinders.
Precision machining is one of the engineering services provided by GSI.

Metal Fabrication

Whether you need mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium fabrications, we have the equipment and skilled tradespeople to get your job done.

Our fabrication shop is set up to fabricate everything from the simplest folded part, through to complex purge-welded stainless steel fabrications for the food industry.

Fabrication is one of the engineering services provided by GSI.

Another area of specialisation is balustrades and fitments for architectural clients. These require a high level of finish and attention to detail.

Our fabrication shop includes:

  • CNC plasma and oxy cutter,
  • Brake press/guillotine with 6mm capacity,
  • 100T hydraulic press,
  • MIG, TIG and arc welders,
  • Purge welding capabilities,
  • Overhead jib crane.

Machinery Repairs And Rebuilds

Of course, nothing lasts forever. So we provide a comprehensive machinery repair and rebuild service.

Coupled with our ability to carry out site work, we can strip down your machine, bring it back to our workshop for repairs then get it up and running again at your facility.

A rebuild being carried out in GSI's workshop. Another one of the engineering services provided by GSI.

Combining our machining and fabrication capabilities means we can repair just about anything.

We also rebuild wear-items such as urethane coated rollers for example. Talk to us about on-going rebuilds.

Other Workshop Services

Other engineering services include:

  • Bonding of plastics,
  • Machining of industrial plastics such as UHMWPE,
  • Component painting in our EPA-compliant paint booth,
  • Prototyping,
  • Laser cutting services,
  • Supply of off-the-shelf items such as electric motors, bearings, timing pulleys and fasteners from our network of suppliers.

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